The Protocol

SigFit's male only program

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The Protocol Challenge was initially setup and designed to put one lucky guy into Men’s Muscle & Health Magazine. It was designed to take the average Joe to Shredded Sam in 12 weeks with the correct nutrition & training principles. We believe every one is different in their own right and therefore deserve different meal planning advice. Due to its success it has been running NON STOP since it started.

So you are probably asking yourself how do we get AWESOME results every single time? What if my training partners goal is to put on Muscle and mine is to get SHREDDED? Easy we determine your bodies Meal requirements and match them to your training goal, Its that simple. The real skill comes down to our coaching and making sure you are making GAINZ all the time. You should be aware at all times what phase you are in wether you are leaning or increasing in muscle size.

Our system has 3 simple steps

  1. We determine where you are at, and what your best ever shape looks like and begin to bridge the gap.

  2. We train you how to train properly and put you on the correct program for your goal

  3. We educate you how to eat RIGHT, train Right and Supplement RIGHT and build a physique

    that rivals your best ever body shape.

If you are interested into getting into your OPTIMAL shape and feel the best you ever have then leave details below and let us coach you all the way to the Peak of your training goal.

Charles, Busy Realestate agent and Father of 3 kids under 5

Caleb - 23 y/o tradie