SigFit's in-house care to get you healthy

Stuart Dixon 

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honors)

SD Physiotherapy is different.  No more 20-minute consults that seems rushed and you only really get about 5 mins of effective treatment anyway.  Or worse, you get put on a machine for 15 mins while the therapist treats other people.

Recovery from injury, relief of chronic pain, and rehabilitation requires time and effort and thorough investigation.  Therefore one on one time is essential for effective and long lasting results.

Treatment will usually involve:

  • An in depth analysis of your biomechanics and body reading.  This is constantly re-assessed during treatments to gauge treatment effectiveness (yes the nervous system can work that fast!).
  • Integrated dry needling (not painful and basic trigger point needling) that aims to unload fascial movement chains and create nervous system changes that are long lasting and allows your body to move the way it was meant to.  To find out more about this technique you can visit this site:  To find out more about fascia you can visit this site:
  • Soft tissue work such as Active Release Techniques, Fascial Abrasion Technique, Cupping, and deep tissue massage.  To find out more about these technique you can visit these sites: 
  • Joint manipulation (if it’s necessary and indicated, which more than often isn’t required after effective soft tissue treatment)
  • Taping to assist or prevent movement (if indicated)
  • Exercise rehabilitation and programmed rehabilitation.  This doesn’t mean just doing clams and TVA exercises.  We want you exercising as well, and if possible we will build your rehab into your current training so that you can keep working towards achieving your goals
  • Stretching and stretching programs.  We are actively sedentary, and we are stressed out creatures.  Stretching is a must for everyone in some capacity

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$90 for 45 mins