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Bigger, Stronger Gunz!

August 18, 2016

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Every guy wants bigger arms wether he says it or not! If you want bigger arms then you need to know how to hit them properly. Now you can just train them every day or you could take an educated approach and learn what are the best techniques and exercises for Bicep and Tricep development.

The three most important factors to think of in there beginning is;

  1. Grip for holding weight (neutral, underhand & overhand)
  2. Implement being used (DB, BB or cable machine)
  3. Body position in relation to the elbow (Is the DB behind the body or in front of the body)

So you will need to vary your body position so you cab perform the exercise either seated, standing or kneeling as they all are different in their execution. A simple tip is isolate the arm as much as possible, as isolation is crucial to recruitment of muscle.

Try these exercises for BIGGER Biceps;

  1. Scott Bench EZ Curl or Preacher Curl with DB or BB.
  2. 45 Degree Incline Bench Hammer Curl
  3. Kneeling Zottman Curl

Try these exercises for BIGGER Triceps;

  1. Parallel bar Dip
  2. Close Grip Bench Press
  3. Standing French Press EZ Bar

To design an arm program which is effective then try supersetting the Bicep & Tricep Exercise with a small 45—60 second rest with at least 4 sets. 

Try using the exercises above for at least 10-12 reps with a superset method. Track your weights for at least 4 weeks and notice the improvements in strength and size of the guns and then change it up change exercises, grip, db position and watch the arms grow!


Watch this video with one of our founders Lenny, to get our top tips to eating to get those elusive abs!

Lenny Chadd


Belly fat, or abdominal fat… how do I rid myself of it? Belly fat is one of the most popular topics researched on the Internet. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard how do I lose this abdominal fat?” I could retire now!

The target area we are speaking of is the fatty tissue around the umbilicus. To learn how to rid yourself of this unwanted fat, you need to understand what is causing it and what are the solutions to eliminating it.

Cortisol, What Is It?

So lets start with what is causing fat to be stored around the abdominal area. Cortisol is a stress related hormone that is secreted by the Adrenal gland. Cortisol begins synthesis of glucose, fats or proteins to be utilised as energy for a time of need. It could be acquired when playing a sport or under a stressful situation in your workplace. Cortisol has a purpose to help with energy, although on the flip side, it can also promote fat storage around the umbilicus area.

What Are The Triggers To Abdominal Fat Storage?

  • Workplace stress
  • Relationship stress
  • Food Allergy Stress

These are the common three causes I see every day, although there are more! So the stresses you are looking for are either internal (body) or external (environment) in nature. Either of these three, when out of balance, causes fat storage around the umbilicus area.

LOWER Stress Levels

Workplace and Relationship stress are the bodies external or environmental stresses. There are many effective ways to reduce stress, although I think many aspects of stress could be reduced by simple activities like;

  • Yoga or Martial arts
  • Walking in the outdoors
  • Participating in Recreational sports
  • Enlist the help of a counsellor or life coach
  • Meditation

Food Allergy Stresses

Food allergies act as a stress on the body and are a common occurrence. They will help promote fat storage to the belly which is the bad news! The good news is you 100% totally control this stress because you decide what you EAT!

There are some common foods like wheat, nuts, gluten, yeast, eggs and dairy to name just a few which are quite common causes of food allergy stress. A simple way to remove common food allergy stresses is to begin the Palaeolithic eating plan. The Paleo diet plan removes the common food allergy problems by removing dairy, grains, refined sugars and salts as well as saturated fats!

Simple & Effective Training Methods to Reduce Abdominal Fat

  1. Resistance Training – One of the fastest ways to reduce body fat is through resistance training at least three times per week. Select a Hypertrophy (lean mass gaining) model. Which simply means your workout should consist of at least 30-45 sets in total and a rest period between sets of 60 seconds maximum. Perform at least 8-12 reps and   3-4 sets of a particular exercise.
  2. Full body exercises – (FORGET PERFORMING THE AB CRUNCH) do not waste your time on 20 minute abdominal programs when body fat percentage is the real key for an exposed abdominal wall, or body fat of 13% maximum. Select exercises like the squat, dead lift, chin up, bench press and dip to truly get a growth hormone response to metabolise fat.
  3. Interval Training – Interval training or sprint training is far superior to LSD (Long Slow Distance Training) as Interval training promotes Lactic Acid build up (the feeling of tiredness during training.)The body is forced to secrete growth hormone to buffer      the blood circulating the body which in turn metabolises the bodies fat stores.


Supplements That Make A Difference

  1. Phosphatidyl Serine – PS is a supplement designed to block production of Cortisol which is a stress related hormone. To be taken 15-30 minutes after a workout. This prevents muscle breakdown.
  2. Liquorice Supreme – Liquorice Supreme helps extend the life of Cortisol which promotes a lesser amount in the body.The bodies daily energy curve will be improved with higher Cortisol levels in the morning. High levels of Cortisol is designed to wake you up in the morning and lower in the evening when the body should be calming down and getting ready for a healthy sleeping pattern.
  3. Serenity 2.0 -Serenity is one of the fastest ways to get the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis to calm down. Some formulas block Cortisol after its been made; Serenity 2.0 is an upstream approach by decreasing the bodies signals that tell us to make all that Cortisol in the first place.


Belly fat, or Abdominal fat, is an area where fat is stored purely through life’s stressors, both internal and external. Simply control these stresses through correct exercise prescription and holistic stress relieving methods such as supplementation and stress relieving lifestyle practices. Signature Fitness utilises the Bio Signature method to monitor the umbilicus site and produce amazing results of a lean looking stomach.

Top Tips To Bigger Arms

January 26, 2016

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Arms seem to be a massive focus for a lot of guys out there. Which is understandable because your arms are on show far more than any other body part, so it does make sense to want to present them well. The problem that I see is that most guys go about getting massive pythons all wrong. Everyone is doing bicep curls and not many people have decent pipes. Here are my top tips to getting bigger arms.

Top Tip #1 – “The day ends in “Y” so therefore its arm day… FOR GODS SAKE DO A LEG DAY!

In order to put 1 inch on your arms you need to gain 5kg of overall body weight. The best way to put on overall size is to train your legs. The hormonal response to leg day will greatly increase the response you get from the almighty arm day. When trying to build a specific muscle group you need to program it regularly but you cannot neglect the rest of the body. Here is a great split to grow arms.

Monday – Back and Bi’s

Tuesday – Chest and Tri’s

Wednesday – REST

Thursday – Legs

Friday – Bi’s, Tri’s and Forearms

Sat – Shoulders and Calves

Sun – Rest

Top Tip #2 – Don’t train the joint, train the muscle

There is a massive difference between how a body builder does an arm curl and how you are currently doing an arm curl. Most people just go through the motions, feel the burn and are really just training the joint. When you train properly and you are training for size not strength then an arm day is equally as unpleasant as leg day. What I am talking about is intention training. Intention training is the hardest and most mentally demanding form of weight training, it also results in a massive whack to your ego bc you will have to almost half your weights. Next time you are staring at yourself in the mirror doing some curls, try this… Pick a weight that you can do 10 of without massive effort, then on each and EVERY rep do the following. Flex your bicep as hard as possible on the way up and flex your tricep as hard as you can on the way down until you reach full extension. It feel totally different to just doing a bicep curl. This will force more blood into the muscle, you get a much harder pump and the growth you get is far superior. You do the same on leg day and back day etc. Flex and squeeze the prime mover as hard as you can on every rep.

Top Tip #3 – If your abs are showin, you aint growin…

If you want to look big you need to eat big. In order to get significant results then you need to pick a goal and go for it. I hear guys tell me all the time they want to build muscle and drop body fat. I always say so which one is it. Don’t get me wrong you can get bigger and your body fat % can drop but that is only because you are heavier. The amount of fat in KG’s will stay the same but because you are heavier the relative % is lower. This is always confuse people. My advice is to drop body fat first until you are around 10 – 12% body fat and then work on size. Having the majority of your carbs around workouts and in the evening and making sure to the in a caloric surplus is the easiest way to gain size.

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