Top 3 Tips To Get Toned Abs

Top 3 tips to getting toned abs by summer

Summer is just around the corner and it seems that people are scrambling to try and get some tone and definition around the mid section. So here it is, the top tips to getting abs by summer!

  1. Weight training using large compound exercises. Weight training is by far the best way to lose fat and get muscle tone. Tone is simply a lack of body fat. You cannot spot reduce, so when trying to get toned abs you need to work the whole body and use exercises that will cause a good hormonal spike and calorie burn. At SigFit we do weight training that looks something like this to ensure that our members get the best opportunity to get the abs they want.
    1. Squat with a Barbell or Dumbbell, 10 reps 5 sets
    2. Chin up or variation of chin up, 10 reps 5 sets
    3. Bench Press BB or DB, 10 reps 5 sets
    4. Romanian dead lift BB, 10 reps 5 sets

This program hits all the major body parts and is better than any run, pump class or bootcamp because it is using a very effective rep range for fat loss.

2.  Eating for your goal. Eating for weight loss and eating for fat loss are different things. Eating for health and eating for fat loss are also different, not to say that eating for fat loss is not healthy. You need to make the distinction between eating for health and maintaining a healthy routine and eating for a goal. There are many different ways to eat for fat loss, the most common way that people tend to go after fat loss is a low carb intervention. At SigFit we tend to put most people on a 2 week low carb bootcamp that gets great results. The long story short is that we get people to eat about 10% of their daily calories as carbohydrate. Carbs are any fruit, veggie, sugar based or wheat based product. So the bulk of the food for the two weeks is meat and green veg. The big things to cut out are wheat, dairy, sugar, corn, legumes and alcohol. Now before you spit our your food it is only 14 days so just suck it up and get it done. We are a lot more personalised in the gym but for the sake of this blog you can give it a crack with the provided info. If you want to get the whole story just click the free trial button and we will give you all the info and 2 weeks free training to kick start your journey.

3.  Don’t tell anyone that you are on a diet or going to do a big transformation!

We have all heard the line that being positive attracts positive, but anyone that has seen a magnet knows that is total crap. When you are positive there will always be someone that tries to bring you down or those friends that tell you 1 drink wont matter.  I always tell our members that the reasons why they are doing this are their reasons alone, and no one needs to know that they are doing it or should have any input into you changing your mind.

If you think that you could use some help in either training, nutrition or both then please feel free to click the 28 day challenge link HERE All the best on your journey to get abs.

Matthew Boon

Founder of SigFit

Matt Boon
Matt Boon