5 top tips to building a booty

5 top tips to building a booty
Whether you want to build a Kim K like booty or you just want to look your best in a little black dress, the principles are the same. Here are my top tips to building the booty

tip 1 - squat below 90 degrees - I know all you seem to hear is to only squat to 90 degrees or it is bad or your knees. This is usually said by people with a flat bum and no background in training. The 90 degree myth has been debunked more times than you can shake a stick at. Squatting below 90 gets your gluts working. Above 90 a squat is mostly a quad(front of the leg) exercise. So if you want to build your legs then only squat to 90 but if you want shapely legs and a toned bum then get down deep. I believe it was Ghandi that said “If you want to build the arse, you got to go to the grass” Maybe it wasn't Ghandi but someone smart.

tip 2 - isolation prior to big movement in order to promote muscle activation
isolating the gluts prior to a workout or leg day is great way of learning how to activate the muscle

properly. At SigFit we have a warm up on leg days that helps to open up the hips and pre activate the gluts to make sure people use the correct muscles when they squat.

tip 3 - Doing the correct mobility
If you are uncomfortable in the bottom position of a squat then your body wont let you produce enough force to get stronger and build the muscle tone. Doing thoracic mobility, hamstring and hip mobility is the key to having a good squat and therefore a bum that looks like you have a good squat

tip 4 - dont over train your legs, its causes puffiness
I see a lot of people who want to tone their legs or bum train legs almost every day they train. if that 2 days a week then thats fine but if you are training legs 5 days a week, you will retain water in the legs and inflammation will make your legs and bum look puffy

tip 5 - dont eat like a rabbit
If you want to strip fat and build any muscle then you need to have enough fuel to put into the muscle. If you are eating nothing but salad and water then you wont have enough fuel to build anything but frustration.

Apply these 5 tips to build yourself a better booty

Matthew Boon
Sig Fit Head of female training and nutrition

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Matt Boon
Matt Boon